Busway NEP Factory

Welcome to NEP Factory, your premier destination for high-quality BusBar Trunking systems. We specialize in manufacturing of cutting-edge Busway solutions that provide exceptional power distribution for various commercial and industrial applications.

Why Choose Busway? Busway has emerged as a superior and cost-effective alternative to traditional cables. Its safety, ease of installation, flexibility for additional loads and load location changes, and affordability make it the preferred choice for diverse environments. At NEP Factory, we harness innovative technologies to deliver Busway systems that meet the growing demands of industries worldwide.

Introducing the NEP Factory Advantage:
The FIRST Busway manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region to produce Medium Voltage Condenser Busbar System [CBS].
Our existing Low Voltage factory and the new Medium Voltage span over 7,000 square meters.
With an annual capacity of 50,000 meters for Low Voltage BTS and 15,000 meters/3Ph for Medium Voltage CBS, we ensure timely delivery.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing: Equipped with cutting-edge, high-performance technology, our manufacturing lines revolutionize industry standards.

Quality Assurance: NEP BTS & CBS Systems proudly acknowledges successfully passing rigorous tests, ensuring compliance with the IEC related standards. We hold KEMA Type Test Certificates and DEKRA Type Test Reports and Certificates, reflecting our commitment to delivering reliable and industry-standard systems.

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