Our journey began as a contracting company faced with a significant challenge in sourcing electrical supplies. A delay from one of our suppliers threatened to disrupt our plans. However, this obstacle ignited our determination to seek innovative solutions, leading us to make a pivotal decision: backward integration. Thus, we established MATCO, initially focusing on manufacturing high-quality electrical panels to fulfill the needs of our contracting projects. 
Over time, our vision expanded to encompass the provision of reliable electrical products across the GCC.

Today, AL Ojaimi has evolved into one of the most prominent industrial groups in the region, propelled by a philosophy of continuous improvement, strategic expansion, and an unwavering commitment to our employees. With a workforce exceeding 5,000 individuals across multiple manufacturing locations, we proudly supply core components and customized solutions to numerous major projects and facilities that have played a vital role in shaping the modern GCC.
Looking ahead, AL Ojaimi Empower house is committed to exploring new frontiers in sustainable manufacturing through extensive research into green technology. By adopting this integrated approach, we aim to enhance regional self-sufficiency while safeguarding our environment for future generations.
Presently, we have grown into a conglomerate of eight companies, namely MATCO, ECB, SaudiTaihan, Ojaimi switch gears, Swanco, Masarat, TransM, and NEP, collectively providing comprehensive coverage of industrial electric product supplies.
Exporting to Many countries within the GCC regions & others such as Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Jordan and Poland

We cultivate a mindset
of innovation and adaptability through continuous personal and institutional learning, research and knowledge sharing.

We empower our people by investing in their growth, nurturing their strengths, and creating opportunities for them to thrive and achieve their full potential.

We transform industries through innovative solutions developed through foresight, research and a relentless drive
to push the boundaries of technology.

We deliver unparalleled quality and precision in all that we do through efficient processes, skilled labor and advanced technology.

We rapidly adapt to market insights and customer feedback to evolve our products, services and processes to best meet customer needs.


We empower talent by providing healthier employment opportunities and endless growth for all our employees.

We foster an inclusive culture that appreciates diversity of backgrounds and perspectives.

We continuously improve through innovation, investing in technology and the latest knowledge. We thrive for meaningful growth that benefits our people, business and wider society.


Our vision is to transform Alojaimi Industrial Group into a global leader that connects people with the necessary resources to Excel.

We aspire to shape the future by empowering our talented workforce, who approach their work with optimism and foresight.

We aim to accomplish this through openness to public investment and collaboration, enabling joint growth.




Unlocking potential by nurturing talents, skills and trust from within to reach new heights.


Delivering customized, high-quality products that meet precise specifications and drive differentiation.


Enabling innovation and growth for customers through precision engineering powered by an empowered workforce.