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Since its establishment in 1997, Al-Ajaimi has operated on a solid foundation that serves the Kingdom’s vision of development and regional excellence. Al-Ajaimi Industrial Group has developed a large portfolio of local substation products, which include distribution panels, electrical transformers, insulated wires, copper and aluminum rods, and electrical circuit breakers.

Owing to its high standards and substantial experience, the group has undertaken major projects that contribute to the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the realization of its ambitious vision to localize and produce quality products that are accessible to global markets.

 Al-Ajaimi group is proud to have supplied electrical stations and transformers in large numbers and within record time (47 days) of receiving the assignment. The group was also one of the suppliers for the NEOM and Red Sea projects.

The group’s modern approach and technical team of experts have won awards for best supplier from the Saudi Electricity Company; enabling the company to establish itself as the leading manufacturer of low-voltage substation packages and panel boards in the Kingdom.

Al-Ajaimi group meets the growing and renewable demands of the market and stays up to date with technological trends to maintain its presence in the industry and the quality of its products. The company also operates a comprehensive quality management system for quality control that improves health and safety, reduces waste, and increases productivity.

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